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Skin Care Products Kit Sakura Whitening Cream

Skin Care Products Kit Sakura Whitening Cream

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Luxury Sakura Skin Care Set

Sakura Skin Care Set is rich in sakura essence, making the skin moist and soft. Sakura enzyme has the effects of shrinking pores, balancing the skin secretion of water and oil, rejuvenating skin and removing acne.Sakura glycosides can help the skin resist oxidation, brighten skin tone and reduce the existing spots effectively.

【Sakura Face Cleanser 50g 】

Sakura Cleanser can clean pores deeply to remove dirt, oil and make-up easily. Containing Prunus Lannesiana Flower Extract and Niacinamide, it moisturizes and repairs the damaged skin so as to help skin against aging.

【Sakura Face Mask 25g* 3PCS】

Contains hyaluronic acid essence and cherry blossom skin care ingredients to moisturize the skin and replenish skin moisture.

【Sakura Face Cream 25g】

Moisturizing anti-aging improving dull skin enhance skin elasticity. Prunus Lannesiana Flower Extract and Niacinamide reduced fine lines, tighten and brighten skin,hydrating, deeply moisturize the skin,brighten the skin elasticity and repair.

【Sakura Face Serum 30ml】

Improve to form collagen Anti wrinkle Anti aging making skin moist soft. Sakura enzyme effects shrink pores, balancing skin secretion water oil, rejuvenating skin remove acne.oxidation, brighten skin tone reduce existing spots effectively.

【Sakura Eye Cream 30g】

This eye cream contains sakura essence from Tokyo in Japan, which moisturizesthe eyes and helps to remove fine lines . It uses precious nicotinamide to brighten the skinand reduce dark circles around the eyes.

【Lip Mask 20pcs】

Nourishes , lightens lip lines, deeply repairs softens cutin, brightens lip color.

【Sakura Hand Cream 30g】

Containing sakura extract and other skin-beautifying ingredients, Sakura Hand Cream is delicate, skin-friendly and easy to be absorbed. It can improve the dullness of the hand skin, effectively replenish the water needed by the skin, make the hands tender, clear and shiny.

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