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Placenta Essence Dragon's Blood Face Cream

Placenta Essence Dragon's Blood Face Cream

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Brand Name: eelhoe

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Origin: Mainland China

Gender: Unisex

NET WT: 15g

Certificate Number: 2020254696

Feature: Anti-Aging

Use: Face

Item Type: Cream

Model Number: VIP-017

Ingredient: Retinol,Placenta Essence,

Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Product Name: Placenta Essence Dragon's Blood Remove Wrinkle Face Cream

Item Type: Placenta Essenc,Retinol face cream ,anti aging products

Effect: anti wrinkles ,anti aging wrinkle removal cream

Function: lifting firming fade fine lines, Stimulate collagen regeneration

Feature1: Reduce pores and smooth skin

Feature2: remove dark spots Moisturizing, brightening and whitening cream

Suitable For skin: All skin type,oily skin dry skin dull skin

Expiration Date: 36 months,Korean skin care cosmetics

Quality Inspection: Qualitied ,women beauty skincare products

New Placenta Royal Age Dragon Blood Cream Kirin Rejuvenation Dragon Blood Repairs Skin Lifting Firming Remove Wrinkles Rejuvenation Without Greasy Face Cream Beauty Skin Care 15g

▶Suit for : all skin
▶Ingredients: plant extracts, water, etc.
▶Efficacy: anti-aging, dilute fine lines, whitening
▶Net content: as shown

This product is rich in dracaena extract and hyaluronic acid to make the skin smooth and soft.Natural plant extracts, it can hydrate and nourish skin, facilitate lifting skin texture

This will restore elasticity and firmness to your skin, while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles, finelines, and puffy eyes

No alcohol, no hormones, no fluorescent powder and other ingredients for pregnant women to use without anxious, you can use it with confidence.The cream is delicate and blends easily with the skin with a single swipe,does not easily clog the pores, and is not burdensome on the skin. It is a skin care and a care product. It can break down the excess oil on the face, bid farewell to the embarrassment before makeup, and the big oil field is gone.

▶Package Included:
1* Face Cream

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▶Rejuvenate the tender young girl's muscle A touch of springback firming and brightening

◆Moisture replenishment
◆Repair and nourish
◆Tight, elastic and tender
◆Plain and nude makeup

▶Skin care is not limited to appearance

1.Deep nourishment
The silky and soft texture fits skin pores to form a water film.
2.Radiant layer by layer
Deeply replenish skin moisture to make skin plump and moist.
3.Reduce dark precipitation
Reduce melanin precipitation, improve fine lines, and brighten skin.

▶Do you have such troubles?

More and more skin problems.The skin looks dull and old.
◈Pigment precipitation
◈Stria capitis
◈Fine lines of canthus
◈Dark skin

▶What is Dragon Blood Cream?

★Skincare product refined by dragon blood tree extract

☞Dracaena dracaena is a perennial vine growing in Madagascar. It usually twines around other trees. Its stem can be more than 10 meters long. lf it is cut or cut into a hole, the "blood" like sap will flow out and condense into blood clots after drying. Its leaves have antiseptic and HE healing effects. Its red juice can be used to soothe the skin.

▶One bottle can improve 8 skin problems

☑Desalinate grain
☑Firm and tender
☑Fine pores
☑Conceal defects
☑Rich and nourishing
☑Tough skin
☑Shine your first look

◈Face cream used after skin aging
☞After starting work, the skin ages quickly.After using it for a while, the skin becomes white, tender and elastic.Usually, it can be used as face cream or makeup base.

◈Natural ingredients are reassuring to use
☞l am a sensitive muscle. l am very careful when choosing skin care products.This product is mild and non irritating.All the ingredients are natural plant extracts. It is safe to use.


♦STEP 1:
Before using Dragon BloodCream, you must fully replenish water (use toner, essence solu-tion,and lotion for priming) to help the skin better absorb nutrition.After use, you can make the skin white and bright from the inside out.
♦STEP 2:
The Dragon Blood Cream is applied to the whole face with a small amount of soybean granules, several times and a little bit,and thengently "pat" until it is absorbed.Becareful not to directly apply it.
♦STEP 3:
Gently "pat" the skin evenly on the face until it is absorbed.After one month of use, the skin will be fine and white from the inside out.

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